Proudex Health Care is a leader in the development, marketing, distribution and export of a wide range of high quality Australian made natural health supplements and nutritional products. The company excels in packaging development for products to be marketed worldwide through airport duty-free outlets as well as in-flight sale.


Multivita Listed Medicine 90 Tablets


The unique formulation of Premier Pregnancy contains 500mcg of folic acid, ten other vitamins and eight trace premier pregnancy, including iron and iodine.
If taken daily for one month before conception and during pregnancy,
it may reduce the risk of birth defects of the brain and spinal cord.

Polico Q10 PLUS

with Co Enzyme Q10, Listed Medicine 60 Tablets


Policosanol is a naturally sourced ingredient and lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and stimulates good cholesterol (HDL). Policosanol may assist blood circulation and improves general well-being while Coenzyme Q10 recharges other vitamins in the body to enhance
their antioxidant effects and further supports the heart.


Energy Supplement Listed Medicine 90 Tablets


Invigorator includes carefully selected traditional Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal extracts that help balance and support the physiological requirements of the male body.
For centuries these herbs have been used to invigorate the reproductive system and improve libido, whilst supporting male sexual function including sexual stamina in healthy individuals.


Blue Shark 4Bottles x 120 Capsules


Osteo Artherapy may help increase joint mobility and give temporal relief of pain from joint swelling and inflammation associated with rheumatism, arthritis and gout.
It is also high in protein and calcium which boosts the immune system and supports general well-being